Status: Alive

Alright, I haven’t been posting for awhile due to never-ending assignments.

And this 2 weeks are midterms~ So far I’m doing better than usual. I kinda lose my confident in my ability to pull out last minute miracles while I’m here and therefore attempted to complete assignments as early as possible as I’m scared. And because of that, I have some extra time for revisions (and post this).


I wrote my last Chinese name character above the right eye. I don’t know what it means but I just felt like I should do it right there. Anyway…

…some other stuffs you probably won’t want to know but I will still tell you. I doubt anyone would ever check out this site and I’m just talking and smiling to myself all the time.

I started trying Dragon Nest like 3 weeks ago and it’s actually pretty fun. I wanted to play a fast attacking class but did not in the end because loli.

DN 2015-05-24 21-05-48 Sun

I’m also a little more active on random Pokemon Wifi Single Battles recently with 1:4 win-lose ratio with the worst game of me forfeiting a 5-6 game as I was totally checkmated in the first 3 turns and I’m getting pretty upset.

I will probably visit Seattle alone (am really drained acting all active and happy sleepy) next Thursday after my last midterm paper for some recharge.


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