Kiwiism Season 3 – Summer Edition

miku flower field

Hi, it’s been some time since my last entry at which has been inactive since September 2013 due to study commitments.

I’m not kicked out of school yet but my grades haven’t been decent. Still better than my love life, though I shouldn’t be able to compare because I’ll need at least 2 entities for comparison and I only have 1, which is my school life…

I still hate blogging and I would rather clean… guess I’ll just blog. But still, it takes too much time and I really have to be careful on the contents I post online as they can be used against me. So I will avoid political stuffs at all cost and will not engage in any discussion related to that.

The main purpose of this blog is for you to know that I’m still alive. I won’t be posting elaborated stuffs like I did previously. Probably some random boring everyday stuffs with a few images here and there. The contents will be generally safe for work, at least for the images I post.

Well, actually I’m on an oversea study trip during the month of May to July 2015 and I wish to make some sort of record during these periods thus this <Summer Edition> blogging stuff and it just makes this blog seems cooler… although it’s summer… you know… well never mind.

This is a self-hosted WordPress with generally no restrictions but some of the stuffs may work differently or missing/addition the functionality. But hey, I was a web developer so I can technically make anything works the way they should. Although I won’t be spending too much time tweaking this site, feel free to give suggestions or anything you might want to see (like a donate button maybe).

I don’t know why would anybody visit this uninteresting site but I hope you will enjoy lurking and snooping around here.

And… I don’t particularly like Miku or anything but it just happens and I can’t explain why.



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