Well… this is embarrassing. I just don’t have the motivation to post stuffs but I shall do a conclusion here. This also marks the end of my summer 2015 blog post (I know it’s just some stupid boring stuffs), erherm…

I did pretty decent overall. It’s easier than the modules in Singapore even though they are the same and I actually learned something instead of just trying to memorising stuffs and hoping to get lucky.

And a last farewell photo I took just before the day I left Redmond back to Singapore near some Chinese restaurant. Sorry for it just being some dumb random scene.


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Status: Alive

Alright, I haven’t been posting for awhile due to never-ending assignments.

And this 2 weeks are midterms~ So far I’m doing better than usual. I kinda lose my confident in my ability to pull out last minute miracles while I’m here and therefore attempted to complete assignments as early as possible as I’m scared. And because of that, I have some extra time for revisions (and post this).


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Lazy Title: Day 2

Made it alive to Seattle after about 17 hours of flight. The chair was darn uncomfortable, can’t sleep without back and neck aching.

It’s about 7:30am here now in Redmond (10:30pm in Singapore), pretty cold and dry, 7 Degree Celsius.


First time on a limo but this piece of crap was damn dusty inside. Not impressed.

And that’s all. Sorry, no other photo, too lazy, go drink some tea.