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Born in 1990, Singapore.

Currently a sophomore in DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore, pursuing a Degree in Computer Science.

My main motivations are Advanced Web / Mobile Applications, Game Development on any platform and Software Engineering. My main life quest is to create something that will replace a job entirely, especially on the finance side.

I have 2 years of experience in Web Development but not much of the advanced stuffs. I have no portfolio to show at the moment because I’m not particularly proud of my previous works. I was frequently exploited and underpaid (not paid at times) for all the works I have done due to my soft and kind nature. I wasn’t given the opportunity to do advanced stuffs during my previous employments which led me into pursuing further studies.

I am highly self-motivated and independent learner who has strong interest in the digital media world. I am always ready to take up new tasks and learn of necessary. I am also open to any sort of possibilities and is willing to try and take reasonable risks if it means for a chance to new creative creations.

From the layout of this site, you can probably guess that I’m a fan of anime. I do collect some anime figurines, not too many. Also feel free to invite me for a DotA 2 game, or a 6v6 Pokemon single battle. I also play a few mixed of console and mobile games and that’s about it. No physical activities for me except cycling.

I’m pretty inactive on social medias and judge people from behind the screen. Once in a while I may give a comment or 2, usually negative. But you can always pay me to like your post or comment positive stuffs to make you look good and popular.

You can find me at:


Email: kiwiz@ymail.com

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will enjoy your stay.

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