Well, due to assignments and almost everyday is the same, I have nothing much to update. But let me share some of the daily problems I’ve encountered that I usually would’t.

Ice Cream

  1. The toilet seat is cold.
  2. The bathroom floor has no drain. Only in the bathtub.
  3. Everything has tax.
  4. I can’t count pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters without getting nervous. I can’t prepare beforehand because of number 3.
  5. The toilet seat is cold.
  6. I can’t catch their English, they can’t catch mine.
  7. Every place is too far from each other.
  8. Hurt myself in confusion from the road.
  9. Did I mention that the toilet seat is cold?
  10. Still not adapted to the time difference.

I probably have a few more but I guess those are my top 10 not in any order, except maybe 1, 5 and 9.

At least the ice creams are cheaper. It’s about 33% of the selling price in my country.


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